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Your Business. Your Family. Your Legacy.
We help you preserve what you have built and ensure that the next generation nurtures it further.




At LIOMSA Advisers we understand that each family is unique and therefore, there are no standard solutions. We know that intergenerational succession is not an event, but a process that requires time and preparation. We support families in finding a healthy balance between family well-being and the family enterprise for their long-term success. We consider it paramount that all the family members understand their role, rights and responsibilities as shareholders, directors, executives, or simply as members of the family. We believe that to preserve a legacy across generations, responsible, prepared, and informed family members is a must. We help families approach philanthropy with a strategic lens, making sure that their grants go in line with their values and that the impact can be qualitatively or quantitatively measured. 

Changes in the family dynamics, disagreements and conflicts that can jeopardize both the enterprise and the family wealth as well as the family harmony, or simply the need to be better organized to face future challenges are some of the reasons that lead families to request our support. We do not give them off-the-shelf solutions, but rather help them find
the path that best fits
their objectives.

Patrik hayoz, TEP
Founding Partner

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Family Governance

Succession & Transition

Corporate Governance

Family Office
  Creation & Professionalization

Conflict Resolution



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